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Qigong Learning Step
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Hard Qigong

Practice and standing in China sit in martial arts at the same time, the main body muscles in conscious control groups voluntary and semi voluntary, gas need to sink to the pubic area (see the concept of "point"), the modern term is abdominal breathing, try to pull the diaphragm, the most part of his abdominal muscles taut, feel the gas in the sink to the pubic region.

Internal Qigong

The Buddhist meditation meditation, Taoist qigong (and modern calisthenics), all belong to this kind of. Don't need tight muscles. The mind in deep breathing, the next read. Slow Style Tai Chi road and Chinese South boxing Wing Chun martial entry boxing little thought, is such a case. Soft Qigong does not require a large amount of physical exertion can strengthen the lung volume, or movement throughout the muscles, including the body of semi voluntary activities (passive), internal organs of the human body.

Basic elements of Qigong


The "breathing" is a word often appears in meditation and other traditional Health Qigong method for a kind of appellation of breathing, is a method of breathing, which "spit" explanation for breath, release and assimilation; "Na" is interpreted as inspiration, absorption, restrained; according to different segments of the various schools for practicing methods according to the disease slow, depth, frequency, intentionally and unintentionally in various ways such as combination, is the entry of compulsory courses of Qigong, qigong refers to the breathing breathing is not only the meaning of deeper talk is a way to communicate with people, blend with nature, can be understood as a method of biological magnetic field with cosmic magnetic field synchronization.

Want to save

"Think" is a way of aligning the idea, imagine a scene and keep this picture, exercise their own mind in the process of feeling into this realm of, is a way of strengthening the spirit of power, a method is meditation, meditation, practicing gas before the calm mood.

Shape adjusting

"Adjusting" can be understood as the system of a kind of method of regulating the body, through a certain action with consciousness to guide the body muscles, organs, blood, bio energy movement according to certain rules, mainly divided into two categories of movement, is one of the entry must be Qigong course.

Shengjing Shan, situated in Weihai, Shandong, China, is well-known as one of the most professional representatives who teaches qigong learning step in China. Should you are interested in Chinese Kungfu, our school has many experienced masters at your service. From the origin and feature introduction to basic exercises and professional trainning, you can learn with our masters face to face or through video course.

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